Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why You Should Listen to the F This Movie! Podcast

With my new iPhone, I started to look at different podcasts.  I was looking for a movie related
one to add to my very small list of subscriptions.  I was given the suggestion to check out F This

I downloaded ten different movie podcast.  Out of all of them, I only stayed with F This Movie.  Here are a few of the reasons they have kept me as a listener.  

The format – They break out the show into different parts.  The first set is a rapid fire round with The Host Patrick Bromley (@patrickbromley on twitter) and a variety of different guest hosts all rapid-fire talking about movies they have watched. Four or five quick liked didn’t like an update on
what they have seen recently.

They move into a more focused review on a chosen film and then start off by talking about the movies at a high level and have a bit of back and forth with impressions  and then slip into a spoiler section of that movie so they give you ample time to switch off if you want to go spoiler free.
One thing that turned me off of a number of other film podcast was the way the reviewers talked about a film.  F This Movie communicates from a position of looking at the art of cinema and don’t make it personal.  The hosts are not rude or disrespectful of the work that is being talked about, they don’t care for something they don’t demean the work or make you feel like an idiot for liking something that they didn’t care for.  

The feel of the podcast is like you are among friends, there is an openness to the way they talk about movies that I think comes from there true passion for the art. The others that didn’t make my list felt like I was eavesdropping in on some strangers talking privately.  I started listening when they were going through the Scary Movie Month. During October they ask their listeners to watch a scary movie and make a seven-word review of the comment section of the website.  Some of them are outstanding.  This is another reason I like them, they engage their audience. 

I tried my hand and podcasting about a year ago, we had some really crappy gear and it took a long time to edit, as a one-man production process it was way more work than I could handle, so I have a lot of respect for these guys.  It was what I had in mind when I started mine.

Do yourself a favor and give them a listen.  They do use expletives if the situation calls for it so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.  It’s not excessive.

Here is the last one I listen to.

F This Movie!: F This Movie! - UHF: Don't change the channel. Don't touch that dial. You've got it all with Patrick and Erich Asperschlager.

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