Friday, November 21, 2014

I Hate My Computer Sometimes

So interesting twist to the blogging every day, My computer is the best tool to interact with blogger. I am using my iPad but it is way harder, one might say unusable.

So tonight I am going to outline a few things that Blogger could do to improve the Blogging experience.

I use my iPad because I can easily carry it to some of my favorite writing spots. When using Safari the Blogger interface doesn't work right because it doesn't recognize the inner window used to enter the content you are blogging about.  I would blame the Safari but in truth when I use google app it does the same thing. I have to only assume its the iPad.

I did download the blogger app but that is a very scaled back interface. It has almost none of the dynamic formatting that you can get on the PC. So that is why we only have a text version of anything tonight. 

So get right on that Google. I want an app that can go on my iPad that is just as user-friendly and dynamic as the PC version. 

I have 10 more days to complete the NaBloPoMo challenge. It has been a very fun and enlightening. It has given me more of a comfort level with the system. and with letting me just sit in front of a keyboard and let the ideas flow. 

Now with a dedicated request from Web Wombat on Netflix reviews, I am looking forward doing more writing.  I also got an invitation to do a guest post on a movie podcast. So in my journey to start this second career as a film critic seems to be going along ok.

My goal in this has always to have fun, what I enjoy most of all is the conversation that follows a film. 

So I am thinking of watching 3 Days to Kill or End of Watch, you will have to keep an eye out to see what one won over.  

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