Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Movie Travern Crushes AMC

I have just gotten back from movie tavern.  They invited me over for a VIP event. They showed Interstellar of which I will be talking about later.  The star of the night was the new renovations at the Movie Tavern.

The facelift was great the outside looked like it has a new coat of paint and they have done away with the old interior lounge area.  They have updated the arrangement and removed the video games.  There are nice cinema scenes on the walls of the lounge. Aside from the facelift, the layout is still kind of the same.

But the biggest change was the theater itself.  They have a completely new layout that has wall to wall recliner chairs.  They each have their own table, no more sharing with the person next to you.  The theater seems spacious and the front row is far from the screen and with the full recline ability, there doesn’t seem to be a bad view anywhere in the house.

Now, why is AMC losing in the food and theater category?  Let me break down why this is.  First, the chair quality in comfort is the same but the chairs in AMS when you recline there is squeaky leather on leather sounds as you go down and up.  Movie Tavern is completely silent.  They sit the same but if you happen to be sitting with a rambunctious kid you are going to be listing to down and up and down and up all through the boring plot bits of your film. So point Movie Tavern.

The second point is the food quality.  AMC has a huge industrial looking kitchen in their front lobby across from the bar.  And it’s impressive.  You walk in expecting Gordon Ramsey to be yelling “YOU DONKEY” at someone.  When you order they have digital interfaces and the food gets delivered to your chair.  I have to give it to them they do have the front lobby down.  Point AMC

Once you get your food it comes to you already in a takeout box and the food taste like it was prepared by Chief “Mic” as in Microwave.  The boxes are quite huge, and the portion is kind of puny sitting in the bottom of your to go box.  Movie Tavern doesn’t have the fancy order system but they do have an outstanding staff and the food is way better, and they serve your food on plates.  The quantity of food is bigger as well. Point Movie Tavern times two.

The only points that AMC has over movie tavern are that they serve Angry Orchard.  Movie Tavern has yet to get that going.  So AMC has a point but not much of one because I am not going there to get my cider of Choice.

The last difference is that you have assigned seating in AMC and we didn’t have that in Movie tavern. But with no bad seats in the house, I say it’s not needed.  Winner, Movie Tavern go and check them out, the decor has caught up with their food quality.

The AMC Southlands needs to step up their game if they want to stay competitive IMHO.

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