Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Last Night

After a month of posts, I can say I learned a lot. A few of my lessons are going to end up here. I am very thankful for Blogher for introducing me to the National Blog Posting Month. It was an incredible experience that helped me get into more of a rhythm of posting. 

Don't over think your blogging. I have had the IMHO blog for some time and have only used it for a few topics that I think that are blog worthy. Reall what I should be doing is blogging everything and only highlight the ones that I feel are special. 

Write everyday. Take the time to stop and think about your passions. I love movies and This month has helped me to reflect on some of the things that I really like about film. Even if you only post movie lines or rants about the way that the concession stand incorrectly butters your popcorn. (They should layer in the butter at intervals as they are filling the bag. ) keep writing. Write every day. Don't expect each post to be the next earth-shattering realization. Just put words on the paper. You do that daily, your over all skill will improve. 

You get a feeling of accomplishment with each post. That buzz you get for seeing your words in print is addicting. Then looking back at all of the posts can really do a number on your self-esteem. Don't worry about every little nuance in your post. A lot of what was holding me back was the details. Make your goal to feel that feeling at least once a day. 

Keep reading blogs. You'll get a taste of something real when you read a blog. You connect with someone you have never met on a personal level. It's like reading a diary that someone has been keeping. There is a voyeuristic quality to reading someone's thoughts.

I hope you have enjoyed my NaBloPoMo journey. Thanks for the read and the support. It will be odd blogging tomorrow only because I want to. 

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