Thursday, November 3, 2011

It’s a matter of character

The movies that move me are ones where a character changes and grows through the story. I am going to examine a few of my favorite movies and some of the characters they focus on. Films that fail to deliver a good character I am quick to dismiss. I don’t find them as entertaining as the ones that have a rich character that I enjoy taking the journey with. Let me explain by showing you some of the movies I like.

Rick from Casablanca

Rick starts off as a recluse who does not engage in relationships with his cliental. He, as he says,”Sticks his neck out for no one”. We see him at the opening of the movie playing chess against himself. Rick is a person who has been beaten by life and is alone in his bar that just happens to be the most popular and the most crowded. Through the story he opens up as his old girlfriend and her fiancĂ©e need help to escape, he takes huge risks to help them escape and we see him sacrifice his needs for the woman he loves and sends her away with another man, because it’s what is best for them.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan from The 13th Warrior

Ibn starts out a very pompous person who was exiled because of an indiscretion. He ends up being a champion of the north men who asked for his help. What I like about him is his change of attitude and his education in the ways of the Norsemen. The scene where he learns their language by listening is great. I really like the bond that he has with the other men who fought with him. At the end of the movie you can see the change in his demeanor and his view of the people he fought side by side with. He is one character that I would not mind watching more stories from.

Han Solo from Star Wars

Han Solo is a great example of someone who is a rogue at the start of the journey and ends up a hero. He starts of as a smuggler who is only out for himself. He looks at everything from a “how can I get money from this” point of view, and then at the end he sacrifices his safety for the good of the cause. He had his reward and was on his way to pay off his debt when he has a change of heart and swoops in and saves the day. No matter how many times they change the story, Han will always be the one who shot first. If he didn’t, his journey is cheapened.

Sky Masterson from Guys and Dolls

Sky Masterson is an excellent example of someone who changes his values. Sky is a person who is a gambler by nature and will do anything to collect a bet. He has a reputation of being someone who will take wild bets, and wins. Betting is not his main focus but winning is. His reputation is also very important to him. Sky transforms into someone who takes the reputation of Sister Sarah Brown over winning the bet. Having a loss on his spotless record in exchange for her was a huge change in him.

What are some of your favorites?