Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crisis of Faith

We all have had those moments that shake our belief. I don't think this only pertains to religion. When I started reviewing I made it a point to see a movie, write a review and then compare my rating with other critics. I called it calibrating. I found that some of the reviewers I was comparing myself to didn't like the movies I did. 

I almost stopped doing reviews, then it hit me. I am not them. I am never going to be them. My problem was in trying to be them. I am a person of unsophisticated taste. It is really easy to entertain me. It took me a good long while to realize that is completely and totally fine. 

I am doing this blog and reviewing films because I love movies almost as much as I love talking about them. This is the core of why I am doing this. I want to have a conversation about movies. At times I feel like I am talking to the void but every now and again I do make a connection with another person like myself and those magical moments are why I write. 

Listing to a podcast one of the reviewers was saying that they haven’t had a connection with any films they have seen for the past few months. That happens it seems that there are dry periods. It’s these times that are needed to truly distinguish between the great movies. It almost cleanses the pallet so when something that comes by that is truly exquisite.

This same reviewer was saying that they had a concern that they would descend into only reviewing the one or two genres that speak to him. I think that we all have our favorites. The trick is you need to continue to enjoy the journey of the unfolding story. When I don’t care for a movie I go into my armchair director mode and start thinking of ways to salvage the film.

We have to understand our own blind spots. Mine is Luc Besson, I know that some of his films are not strong but I still love them. There is something that speaks to me in his way of telling a story. There are others but I’m not going to go into that just suffice to know where we are going to go into a viewing already loving a story or at least the hope of a good story.

With everything you do, there are sometimes when you need to take a break. I did that for a bit but I lost so much ground. So when I want to take a break I keep doing something but I change the way that I do things, I adjust my writing style or I move things around on my blog.

Don’t becomes stagnate with your passions, do something different and keep moving forward. If you are feeling stagnant your work will touch people, at some point and time you are going to be viewed.

Keep moving forward. Whatever you do, keep moving forward.

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