Friday, November 7, 2014

Lost for Life

A good friend Jonathan, who can be found over at BTA, invited me to go see a movie tonight. It was Lost for Life a documentary about juvenile offenders who have been given a life sentence for murder. This was a well-made documentary.
Some of these films are made with a heavy hand that is forcing an agenda down your throat. This one didn’t. It presented the people that were the subjects and gave a larger picture of what is at stake here. This one didn't hold back on any of the facts of the case.  It shows you the truth and the effect these horrendous acts have had one the families of not only the victims but the offenders.
The point of the film is to start a discussion on the effect of giving a child a life sentence without parole. My biggest take away from the film is that children who are in this situation are going sent to a system and treated like an adult. They are often denied services that could help rehabilitate them because those services are reserved for only the ones who are going to get a chance to get out.
We as a society have given up on them. But the Supreme Court removed the ruling that Life without hope of parole was removed as a mandatory sentence. That is still in effect if the jury deems that it is what is necessary. There are about 50 inmates who are in Colorado who fall into this category.
The best part of the evening was the Q and A with three people who were in the film. There were some themes that really hit home for me.  I appreciate the open and honest of the panel. They have made it their mission to make sure that people understand this issue and know about ways to change what is going on.
Your past is yours; no one knows what you have done in the past if you don’t tell them. When you feel like an outsider it’s sometimes just you feeling out of place. Act like you belong and you will.
The power of forgiveness is very potent. It has an effect on not only the Victim and the offender but on everyone who comes in contact with them.
A lot of stupid things are done in the heat of the moment and can cause a lifetime of pain.
I am going to write up a review of the film for my What Is Showing Next blog. But I had to share with you the emotional impact this movie and the experience had for me. If you get a chance take a look at it as it’s on Netflix. It’s well worth the look
Tomorrow I am going to write about an experience in a movie that made me appreciate another film. Are there any topics you want to talk about? I feel like the conversation is kind of one-sided. But I am happy to continue if you are.

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