Monday, November 17, 2014

Better than Average Message

My friend and fellow movie lover made this message for the people in Ferguson. He is a voice for people to strive to be better than average. If we as a community strive to be more than average it will increase everyone’s quality of life.
Take a look at this personalized message and share it with everyone you know to help spread the message of living Beater Than Average.

The main points of this mindset are: Looking for the positive and maintain a positive attitude, choosing the best people to surround yourself with and improving the lives of the people around you.
When you look for the positive you can find it. It is a conscious choice but when you have a positive outlook you can start seeing the good in the things around you.  

Your circle of support can lift you up or hold you back, choose the people around you carefully. You need to keep people who will elevate, challenge and support you close.  

And finally, if you are a force of good, pull the best out of your friends and family everyone can benefit.

Tensions are running high all over the country. We have a choice to continue to perpetuate the violence and hate to see revenge masked as Justice or we can learn from the leaders that came before us and be a force for peaceful change.

Get the word out and keep it rolling, BE Better Than Average.

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