Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What DC Should Do to Win The Hero Movie Race

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My brother is brilliant. He has this idea for the DC universe that will set its self apart from the way that Marvel has been doing films and give it a new and fresh start.

Some of my favorite heroes are in the DC universe. Breaking into the medium of film, they have only really had two good footholds: Batman and Superman. These were the original hero films. Arguably they were the ones that were the gateways from comics to film in today’s cinema. However, DC is losing the movie race. With weak turnouts for films like Green Lantern and Superman Returns you have to ask yourself why?

I have said in other posts that the DC studios need to have their animation department be put in charge of storytelling and just shoot a live action of what they are telling. Marvel seems to have the right idea with having the creative team be the ones who are passionate about the characters and keeping true to the story arc instead of the money grab that other films seem to be.

My brother suggests this. DC is poised to make a Justice League movie. Instead of going the origin story for all of the characters, because people are bored with those kinds of stories. They need to do a five-episode lead in with the different members of the Justice League.  The stories will all surround the big battle that leads up to the film.

DC has an in for use with the Small screen. They have Arrow and The Flash both as a vehicle to tell the big story and highlight some of the other heroes without losing time with origin stories. These characters are Iconic and because of that, they have a well-known history.
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None of these specials are going to relate to an origin, Marvel has done that to death and if DC does it they are just copycats that are trying to cash in on a formula. Filmmaking could be so much better if they use Bruce Lee’s philosophy in filmmaking. Using No style as style will give you the freedom to try new things and get people involved in different ways. There are definite formulas in scriptwriting and other technical aspects of the craft but you run into the same things over and over you lose people’s attention.

Because they are missing out they need to do things differently. Get ahead of the game and start writing its own rules. The DC universe has been darker thanks to Christopher Nolan and they should make the tone of every DC movie feel the same as they are all in the same universe.

Marvel has Agents of Shield but it is really a side note in the Movie franchise and a neat little gimmick show that rocks its ass off but is underused. DC needs to learn from its competitor’s mistakes and maximize on this easy win.
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What do you think? Is my bro completely off his rocker or does he have something here? If you like what he is saying, you should like this post to DC via Facebook or Twitter, let other DC fans know that we want our stories just as strong and popular as Marvels and this is a good way to get our act together. Share this post if you agree. 

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