Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pazuzu's Girl

Movie execs are looking for the next “Harry Potter” series. I think that they may be looking for a series when they could be looking for unique stories. Yes the boy who lived made a mint for everyone but that’s only going to happen once in a lifetime.

Fat Samurai rated Green light

They need to look at books like the one from Rachel Coles Pazuzu’s Girl. I just finished it and it was a great ride. The book was written in a way that made it easy to visualize, it was cinematic, with plenty of emotion and just the right amount of teen angst without making it tedious, like the boy who whined… err I mean lived.
The story surrounds the daughter of the plague demon Pazuzu. That might sound familiar to the readers who played the old school MMORPGs called D&D. He was in the First Monster Manual II, I never faced him but he was quite nasty. Yes, I am a Geek. He has a daughter Morpho and they are trying to stay hidden from the evil baby eating demon Lamashtu. (Pazuzu and her have history)

There are some really likable characters and some great dialog that makes the interactions enjoyable to read. It’s hard to have ancient characters mix with a modern setting but Coles gives these mythical beings personality and they are like people you could meet on the street. I would like to have a beer with some of them.

Please give this a quick look; it’s a fast read and an enjoyable one. Your homework is to go out and look for a great story and come back and share it with us.

I got my copy at Amazon
Spoiler Warning!!!! I am going to talk about some of the characters here so come back here after you read it.

JD stole the show; I really loved him and his ghost fighters. I was heartbroken when he said good bye to his Mother. Man that was emotionally devastating. I also thought that his defense of Morpho was great, that kid has spirit.

Morpho was a strong female and hand no problem showing her vulnerability with her world falling apart, she also transformed from a kid to a young woman who has a new world to explore. I really did not mean to do a butterfly pun there but the symbolic transformation on a lot of levels was well written.

I want to go for a ride with Gallursa; I think that his story could have been expanded on, perhaps in another book. He reminded me of Falkor for some reason.

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