Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If I were a casting director...

...and this book were made into a movie I would audition these people first.

I challenged people on Facebook to cast the movie version of Pazuzu’s Girl here is how I would do it, please read the book and let me know how you would change this list.  You can buy a copy of it here at Goodreads

If you have read the book what do you think of my sections. PLease feel free to commnet on my facebook page or make a list of your own and send it to me I will post it.

Amr Waked as Pazuzu

Oded Fehr asLugal

LoganHuffman as JD

Freida Pinto as Etain

Cliff Curtis as  Mr Agresti

Michael Dorn as Gallursa

TildaSwinton as Ereshkigal

Tara Platt as Jan

Rose McGowan as Lamashtu

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