Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Red Light films

This is a list of the red light films that I have had the misfortune in seeing. I know that when I go to the movie it’s a crap shoot I never know what I am going to be seeing. Here are some Haikus about the bad movies I have seen.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 

The audience
transforms into vampires
oh life sucking film

The Three Musketeers

Steam punk and sword play
A classic story falls prey
Dumas should sue them

Paranormal Activity 3

So original
some security footage
a long walk, for what

The Thing

Not allowed to copy
let him do a prequel then
maybe he should not

The Hangover Part II

A one trick pony
it was a good Idea once
only works once not again

Your Highness

This movie did not work
perhaps the title was key
I need to be stoned

The Roommate

This Roommate is bad
I mean the film not the girl
can they shoot me too


The spelunking film
National Geographic
wants their nature back

The Mechanic

A remake, kind of
this film does not pay omage
wake me when it’s done

Little Fockers

The Little Fockers
how much can they milk this cat
can it go away

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