Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Green Light Films

This is a list of the green light films I reviewed this past year. It has been a quick year, I plan to add more reviews in the next year and also include some Netflix films. I am going to do a post of some movies I did see and enjoyed but did not write a review of, because they did not fall into the rules of what is showing next. This is just a recap of 2011.

Hugo - I enjoyed this film from a filmmaker’s standpoint; it made the 3D work for it and didn’t use it as a gimmick.

Real Steel - I was impressed with how well the rock’em sock’em robots moved was. It did not rely on the effects to sell itself, it was a good story.

The Way - Wonderful, wonderful , wonderful.

The Debt - A great movie that shows the choices you make dictate the life you live. Sometimes bad choices come back to haunt you.

Colombiana - I enjoyed the ride of this film. It was penned by my favorite movie maker Luc Besson.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - This film was a great end to a movie dynasty. It was much better than the first part, but the second part of the book was better as well.

Captain America: The First Avenger - This is what a hero film should be. Marvel is leading the pack in Hero films. It’s action packed, and funny and touching. It reminds us what we love about these kinds of stories.

X-Men: First class - I was leery about this, prequels sometimes don’t work. This one did.

Super 8 - This is ET with teeth. It was great film making. Bad Robot Is showing us what story telling is about.

Rio - As a 3D animated show it was really nice to see the jungle with such life like environments, the acting was great. Yes a kid’s film but fun for the adults.

Source Code - I really enjoyed this film and the conversation it spurred after the film. It had all of the elements of really great science fiction. It reminded me of Quantum leap.

Limitless - I loved the camera work in the first opening scenes of this film. We have some drug use mixed messages but overall it was fun.

The Adjustment Bureau - I hated the hat, but I came to understand and look past it. The story was great. True love wins over all powers in the universe.

The Eagle - It is this year’s 13th Warrior, it was a great sword play movie that made the buddy picture work. I love movies set in this period.

Black Swan - A great focus on a deeply broken character, and the pressures that life can put on people. Your dream is sometimes dangerous.

The king’s Speech - This is a great bio picture, I was not looking for this film, but I am glad it found me. Geoffrey Rush can do no wrong IMHO.

I am also going to work on a list of films that I liked but did not review. That is coming soon…..

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  1. Limtless is now on Netflix watch it now. FYI