Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming soon…Part two

Just like the movies, movie trailers have to be viewed and given a rating by the MPAA. They will dole out a green or a red band rating depending on the content of the trailer. Check out the Wikipedia article on Trailer for what qualifies for a green rating.

It’s important to note that a green band trailer can be shown in any theater, where as red ones will only be shown in movies that are rated R, NC-17 or are unrated. This reduces the number of people who can view the trailer.

Production companies have changed the elements in some scenes to make sure that the clips used are going to get them a green rating. Is this misleading to the viewers? Is it selling one thing but giving us another? I think in retail parlance this is called a bait and switch.

ANTZ changed a line in the movie I am assuming that it was to get the green rating. The line in the movie was “Call me crazy, but I have a thing about drinking from the anus of another creature.” In the trailer he says “caboose”.

I think that line was funnier with the word caboose. As a viewer I was a bit let down with the fact that the scene was just not as funny without the word caboose. Caboose is a much funnier word overall. Say it with me CABOOSE, CAAAABBBBOOOOSSEE. I am sorry but anus is just not as funny.

The movie In & Out with Kevin Kline had a change that was obvious in the trailer. The scene at the end of the trailer when he is replying to a masculinity audio tape has been altered. If you look at his arm it looks cut off with a bad CGI effect. I think they were going for hand in pocket, but they missed. In the movie he is holding his crotch, I am guessing they had to do something to change that for the trailer.

I am the type of person that will be drawn to odd things in films. That arm does not look natural. I asked the people I went to the movie with if they noticed it and they said “Jon, why are you looking at his crotch”? Being the quick thinker that I am I replied calmly with “It was Kevin Kline, who wasn’t looking at his crotch”. (I think they bought it) The point is that something in the trailer was changed to fit a category that changed the context of the scene.

The last example I have is from Chicken Little. This is a case of something in the trailer that was pulled from the edited parts. The Trailer has Chicken Little’s dad saying “in about three seconds I am going to scream like a little girl”

Not in the movie at all.

Mike, Thank you for re-watching the movie to verify this last example. His opinion was that it was somewhat anoying that it was not in the movie. I agree, I feel a bit cheated. I don’t know why it was not in the film. I do know that people sometimes used trailers to judge if they are going to see the movie. Isn’t it wrong to change things in the movie if the viewer has a different idea of what is in the movie from the trailers?

Am I the only one who notices these things? Is it wrong? What are your thoughts?

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