Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Star Treatment

As a person who enjoys everything about moves, I look into what the local film scene is like whenever I go to a different location. I went to a business trip to India recently and did some move home work. I saw a number of films. My favorite was Lagaan a great movie about a small village playing a cricket to avoid paying overbearing taxes.

Once I arrived and had some free time I worked out a day trip to go to Mumbai. I wanted to go to Film City but my guide worked out going to a different studio R.K Films & Studio. This studio is a piece of India cinema history. I had a small adventure I will never forget.

R.K Films & Studio was started in 1948 and has had several award winning films there. The main theme of the films coming from this Studio have been about examining and questioning the social structures and love that stretches across class and social structures. This spot was perfect and I really appreciate the history of the studio as well as its continued existence.

 My guide and the folks we went with all were going to see lots of sights and this one was the one I really wanted to see. I had no idea what to expect because I knew nothing of this studio before I went. It was just something I happened to ask for and they fit into the schedule for the day.

We get close and our driver has to ask for directions, and we drive right past it. Primarily if you did not know a studio was there you would never know it. It’s tucked in along the street and it’s very unassuming. 

We finally get on the right road going the right direction and we pull into the drive way. I have no Idea what to expect so when the gates open and we see an office and some parking spaces I begin to wonder what am I going to see here. I was getting one of those vibes of this is going to be like a road side history lesson about this studio in the hay day. Some places of old movie posters and some memorabilia.

I get out of the car and start walking up to the office and an old man looks at me and I look back and give a small bow and greet him with “Namaste” and I ask him where do we start? He waves his hand to behind the office. I dutifully swing around back, expecting to see a gift shop or a building storing its historical film artifacts.

I walk around and I see a row of trailers all lined up against the wall in the alley and I think to myself, wow this looks like where the starts stayed when they were filming. I wonder how much of this stuff is going to be like this, just as it was used when they filmed here.

I then turn and look at what looks like the opening to a sound studio. I take a few shots and then I walk over to the big doors. I stop and look at a sign stating Bang Bang Films in bright yellow. I start to get a feeling like something is not right here. I look into the studio and, Yep… it’s a working film studio. They are setting up for some shots and hat when it hits me, we should not be here.

I start walking back to the front and our driver is trying to get our attention because he has also realized we shouldn't be here. We jump back into our van and start heading out. I asked our diver why did the guard let us in. he said we looked like stars so he opened the gate.

As it turns out we got a little more of a view of the studio than most people do who are not actually working on a production.

I will always remember rolling up and getting ushered in, like we were somebodies.For the Record Bang Bang, you guys run a really nice production. The Security staff could you a bit of work. I hope we can work together in the future in a more official capacity.

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