Friday, August 2, 2013

Time for Change

I am going to trying a new format with my reviews on What is Showing Next. I have become far too comfortable with my format and I think its holding me back. A good friend of mine told me that my best writing comes from the reviews that I am angry at. That scared me… Am I only showing my passion when I am angry? Am I going to be known as the angry reviewer?

After a long talk with my editor I have decided to avoid the form and just say what is on my heart. I do love movies, all kinds of movies I even re-watch movies that I hate, that’s how much I love the movie experience. Hell I hated Starship Troopers and I saw that four times in the theater.

 My editor suggested before I write I down a few shots so I have no inhibitions in my work. I am going to try and open up on the page and see if I can do this without the liquid courage. My review of Pacific Rim is going to be a little late because I have to write it again this time free of fear, concern for how people might feel if they read it and just be me.

Wish me luck.

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