Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Suggestions from the Twittersphere – Brick

So I thought I would try something new, I am asking the twitersphere if there are movies I need to see before I die. Asking the verse this question I was expecting a response like I normally get, a Spam account tacking on some virus laden link alongside my post in hope to snare some unsuspecting fish. I sometimes feel like I am talking to the big black when I ask question in social media. I started blogging so I could start a dialog with other people about really good movies, really bad movies hell any movie that could spark a conversation. Most of the time I get no response; however every now and again I get a response from someone. This time I got a response from @james_goggin his tweet said only five words, “Try Brick or The Limey.”

From that response an idea for a new feature on IMHO was born. I am going to not only highlight Movies 101 from RE’s list of 102 films (I am still working on that) but I am going to include movie reviews from suggestions I get from people on Twitter or Facebook. So here is how it goes, I am going to keep asking and getting suggestions of really good movies I need to see before I die. If you bring me something I have not seen I am going to make an effort to watch it. So here goes my review of Brick.

Brick - 110Min – R

Brick is a hardboiled detective story set in High school. I have seen this film classified as neo-noir. It mixes in the very dark story and characters and blends them in with the modern setting without making it about teenage angst. It is a true crime story with High school back drop.

Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a kid who does not belong to any click. He lives life on his own terms. An ex-girlfriend, Emily (Emilie De Ravin), calls him up and asks for his help. She ends up dead and he vows to get to the bottom of her death. He pushes himself into her world and tries to bring down whoever was responsible for her death.

This is an outstanding movie that everyone should see. Masterfully executed and has a mix of humor and action. It is every bit as thrilling as Chinatown and gripping at the Maltese falcon. Rian Johnson has a limited résumé but so far it’s a short list of wins. He worked with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper another great film. I have not seen Brothers Bloom but I am going to put it on my list.

The blending of this type of story in the setting they chose would not be a natural fusion, but they did a great job of making the elements work without too much adjustment of any of the characters to the overall plot line. There are some really excellent lines that Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers and I could see Humphrey Bogart saying them. Not that he was mimicking him, but he delivered them with the same power and bravado as some of Boggy’s no nonsense tough guys.

As this is a new feature I don’t have a set format for this kind of article. I am not going to do spoilers or a take away like in Movies 101. I am just going to say that this is absolutely one you need to see. Thank you to James for turning me onto this movie. If I were giving it a complete review on What is Showing Next I would give it a green light. This is exactly what I was looking for in asking my question, and I am glad I asked.

I saw this movie on Netflix watch it now. but you can see the whole thing on IMDB.

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